From today’s meeting between KC, CSC & WCSS

From Eunice King

CSC Secretary

Breed Health & Conservation Plan (BHCP )

Representatives from the Clumber Spaniel Club and the Working Clumber Spaniel Society met Sunday 15th April at a meeting convened by the Kennel Club to discuss the Breed Health & Conservation Plan that the KC is preparing for Clumber Spaniels. It was a very productive & positive meeting and six priorities were agreed genetic diversity: eyes and head conformation; EIC;

Hips & weight. The BHCP will include action points for breed clubs and the KC

In the light of this meeting, the Breed Health Plan currently in circulation will need to be reviewed, when the views of the members will be taken into account.

Further information will be available once the final document has been received from the KC

Clumber Spaniel Back Disease (IVDD) Survey

In the last breed survey the % of Clumbers with issues was way higher than normal, it is known to be in all sides of the breed. Because of this it is very important for the future health of the breed that people add the information from all their Clumbers they have owned. Even if they lost them years ago. It is important to know if they didn’t have back problems as much as if they did. Please, please support this survey. It is essentially for UK Clumbers but if you are not in the UK you can still take part.

Find the survey here

Eileen Brown – Funeral Details

We have been passed the following information from Derek Murton with regards to the funeral of Eileen Brown:

It will take place on April 5th (Thursday ) at Corbets Tey  RM14 2UY at 3.40pm.

Family Flowers Only Donations can be sent to Cats Protection League or Wood Green Animal Centre


Nottingham University Cancer Survey in Spaniel & Otterhounds

The Clumber Spaniel Club are supporting the Nottingham University Cancer Survey in Spaniel & Otterhounds.
It is also an online survey and can be found here 
Please provide your support to this survey if at all possible
Jackie Crawford, Chair Health Committee