Clumber Club Raffle – Drawn at Clumberfest

The raffle was drawn on Sunday at Clumberfest and the first prize of £100 went to Cheryl Warren.

All other prizes were either collected there or allocated to the winning ticket. Unfortunately I have a heavy week with business this week (I’m away in Derby for the rest of the week) so it will be the weekend before I get a chance to go through the prizes I have here and contact the owners to tell them of their success!

I would like to try and get as many delivered as possible through shows/friends as the postage costs (and risks involved with posting) rises with the more I have to send out. So, over the weekend I’ll put a list on here of the winners and their prizes and I’ll also try and contact you by phone (if you put a phone number on the stub) and work out a way of getting your prize to you!

Thanks again for your support and patience.