Clumbers at The Pet Show – Stoneleigh

The Clumber Spaniel stand proved popular at the recent Pet Show held at
Stoneleigh. We had some serious enquiries and think we could have sold a
litter of puppies on each of the two days. There were also several
people who were interested in considering a rescue Clumber.

Thanks go to Georgie and Maggie Loughran, Dylan and Ray Jukes, and William and Henry
with Jon and Janet Rudbach for being there. Especial thanks to the dogs,
including our own Bella and Chloe, for being so patient with the many
visitors to our stand and putting up with the very hot weather on the
Saturday though they were made a lot more comfortable in their special
‘coolcoats’. Our dogs demonstrated their adaptable nature and showed how
good they are with children, which led to us introducing what proved to
be a popular “cuddle a Clumber” selfie scheme on the second day.


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