Autumn/Winter 2017 Clumber Clips – Corrections

Clumber Clips will be with you soon (I’ve just heard they’ve been printed and on the way to our Secretary for distribution) – however just like the Grauniad two errors (so far!) at least have been pointed out!
1. The Championship Show is the 30th September 2018 (not the 20th September as printed.
2. Sue Boden’s address is her old one, she is now based in Lincolnshire and her contact details are- 07793 487648 / 01205 460321 (East Anglia)
Apart from that I hope you enjoy the read!
Separately to the above (and not the reason) – is there anybody else who fancies taking over the editorship. With my new job taking a lot more time (in particular away from home) than the old one, I need to lighted the “volunteer” load!
Peter (editor)