Clumber Spaniel 2018 Breed Health Plan Approved

At its last committee meeting the Clumber Spaniel Club Committee approved the 2018 CLUMBER SPANIEL BREED HEALTH PLAN.

The plan focuses on health issues affecting the day to day life and lifestyle of the individual dog; as well as the overall genetic health of the breed. For each issue, evidence of the current status in the breed is presented along with any previous recommendations included on the Club website or in previous Health Plans.

For the individual dog the key issues included are Exercise Induced Collapse; overweight; and eye health. While overuse of stud dogs; repeat matings and high coefficient of inbreeding are noted as points of concern for the genetic health of the breed.

New objectives and targets have been included along with actions and recommendations for key owner groups. The Club’s Health & Welfare Sub-committee is asked to prepare a breeder’s guide along with a ‘breeder mentor scheme’ for new breeders; and stud dog owners are recommended to limit their use to no more than 10 litters in a lifetime (approx 55 puppies).  The recommendation for eye testing of older dogs has been reduced to 8 years.  

The Kennel Club is taking the lead in a separate project to develop a Breed Health & Conservation Plan, and they have now provided a draft of the first section of this document – the Evidence Base – which includes the results of their searches for evidence about health issues in the breed. The Clumber Spaniel Club will be represented at a meeting on April 15th, led by the KC to which they have also invited the Breed Health Coordinator and representatives from the Working Clumber Spaniel Society. This meeting will discuss priorities for the breed, and an action plan with an approximate review date.

The Breed Health Plan can be downloaded from the Club Website

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