Unclaimed Clumber Spaniel Club 2018 Raffle Prizes

The following are the prizes won in the 2018 raffle that were not claimed on the day.

I have proposed (in some cases) a venue where I can bring the raffle prize. If that isn’t convenient, please contact the webmaster by e-mail and I will see the best (most efficient in cost and time) way of getting the prizes to you.

Peter Sheppard

Ticket Number Winner Name Comment
0139 V Day Bring to Bournemouth?
0479 J Kinnell
1017 A Drummond
1032 J Dumelow
1562 G Heaume
1601 S Argent
1638 J Taylor Bring to National Gundog?
1740 B Scaife
2004 S Wilson Bring to National Gundog?
2415 J Newsham
2682 A Hawkes
2717 B Murton
2736 S Williams
2783 ?? (Sorry illegible!)