Rescue Coordinator – Contact Details Have Changed

Please note that due to the unfortunate incapacitation of our Rescue Cordinator, with immediate effect any issues regarding Clumber Spaniel Rescue should be addressed to:

Eunice King,

e-mail: or

telephone 01246 476059

mobile 07719 701227

Extension of Deadline for Nominations of Chair of the Clumber Spaniel Club

From Eunice CSC Secretary
It has been brought to my attention that some members have not received their Chair nomination mailing and this has meant they have not had the opportunity of nominating individuals for the position of Chair of the CSC.
I would therefore be grateful if any member did not receive this mailing that they contact me immediately by phone or email.
As a result the date for the receipt by the CSC Secretary for nominations to the position of Chair has been extended to Friday 4th May 2018.
My apologies to all members
Tel: 01246 476059 or
e-mail: Secretary

From today’s meeting between KC, CSC & WCSS

From Eunice King

CSC Secretary

Breed Health & Conservation Plan (BHCP )

Representatives from the Clumber Spaniel Club and the Working Clumber Spaniel Society met Sunday 15th April at a meeting convened by the Kennel Club to discuss the Breed Health & Conservation Plan that the KC is preparing for Clumber Spaniels. It was a very productive & positive meeting and six priorities were agreed genetic diversity: eyes and head conformation; EIC;

Hips & weight. The BHCP will include action points for breed clubs and the KC

In the light of this meeting, the Breed Health Plan currently in circulation will need to be reviewed, when the views of the members will be taken into account.

Further information will be available once the final document has been received from the KC