Clumber Spaniel Yearbook 2016


Please note that the closing date for submissions for the 2016 Clumber Spaniel Yearbook is January 15th 2017 and that isn’t that far away!


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Peter Sheppard, Committee Member and Editor

Clumber Spaniel Gundog Group 1 at LKA

Sh Ch Ir Ch NL Ch Wyclydo’s Fast As The Wind At Glenafiff goes Group 1 at LKA

Well done to Ian Layfield for his choice of BoB and Lee Cox for his handling.

Festive Clumber Walk and Fancy Dress Competition

Yesterday Clumber Park saw a gathering of over 40 Clumbers for the annual Festive Walk and Fancy Dress Competition. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time and they even had a piece in the local paper today – Click here

The Clumber Spaniel Club Secretary Eunice went along for the walk and posted the following on Facebook;

Well what can I say About The CLUMBER Spaniel Walk in CLUMBER Park today. What a beautiful sight for me and Ian to see 45 Clumbers enjoying themselves free running in a field and also taking part in a Christmas Fancy Dress. Cannot remember when I last saw So many Clumbers together at one time certainly not at Dog Show and all dogs and owners having a laugh and discussing their fur babies That is what it’s all about I was pleased to be able to meet you owners and have a chat with you all but mostly I would like to Thank Two Special People Barbara and Rodney Weston who do a fantastic job organising these walks I am so proud of you Barbara you do us proud, Also 3 New Members sold out of Calendars what a day. To all of you on behalf of the Club THANKYOU. Eunice Secretary. See you next time

Barbara and Rod run fabulous Clumber walks all over the country throughout the year, for more information keep an eye on the ‘Walking with Clumbers’ facebook page – here

Pictures from the day below. Thank you Barbara, Rod and helpers for all the walks you have organised this year culminating in this fantastic time at Clumber Park.

Three Months To Crufts!

Crufts Tickets available now!

Details of the 2017 Crufts Show can be found here – Crufts

Postal entries for exhibitors close on Monday January 9th, Online entries (at Fosse Data) on Monday January 23rd.