Items for the Agenda – CSC Committee Meeting 25 Sept. 16

From the Clumber Spaniel Club Secretary – Eunice King

To all members,

We have a Clumber Spaniel Club committee meeting on September 25th and if anyone would like anything to be discussed at this meeting, could they please inform me 2 weeks prior to the meeting and it can be put on the agenda.

We also have a Judges Sub Committee before the committee meeting. If you would like to request a change to your judging list allocation, please update your Judging Questionnaire and ensure that it is with me on or before September 11th 2015 for it to be considered at the meeting.

Please contact me on


Hi Everybody

Derek is leaving Hospital this afternoon he still finding it difficult to walk but on a Zimmer at moment. He’s still in pain but the District Nurse will be coming in each day to check on him.

I’m sure he would appreciate a phone call from you all (see the Contact details for his number) I told him the good work Peter did at the Clumberfest and he thanks Peter and family for the hard work he has done as I have on behalf of the Club and to everyone who supported him.

Eunice (Hon Secretary)

Spaniel Breeder Day – Canine Cancers

The Field Spaniel Health Charity has organised a Spaniel Breeder Day at the University of Nottingham on Canine Cancers on 12th November 2016.
Though aimed at Fields, Clumbers, ESS and Sussex, it can be extended to include other spaniel breeds and will be open to people of all breeds.

Click Here for more details

Clumber Club Raffle – Drawn at Clumberfest

The raffle was drawn on Sunday at Clumberfest and the first prize of £100 went to Cheryl Warren.

All other prizes were either collected there or allocated to the winning ticket. Unfortunately I have a heavy week with business this week (I’m away in Derby for the rest of the week) so it will be the weekend before I get a chance to go through the prizes I have here and contact the owners to tell them of their success!

I would like to try and get as many delivered as possible through shows/friends as the postage costs (and risks involved with posting) rises with the more I have to send out. So, over the weekend I’ll put a list on here of the winners and their prizes and I’ll also try and contact you by phone (if you put a phone number on the stub) and work out a way of getting your prize to you!

Thanks again for your support and patience.