A Message from our Secretary about our Chairman/President

Our President and Chairman (Derek Murton) has been admitted to Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford due to a blood clot in his leg that was giving him severe pain.
We hope that he has a swift recovery and will let you know when we hear anything.

Meet the Breed @ Clumber Park

Today Clumber Park saw 20 Clumber Spaniels coming to join Barbara & Rod for a fantastic day.

A quick note from Barbara;

20 Clumbers in Clumber Park today! Plus one late arrival who didn’t know we were all going to be there so missed the photo call. They Ranged from 14 weeks to 10 years – great to see them all together.
It was a great day thank you everyone for coming and braving the weather. Hope you all had safe journeys home.
Thanks to William and Dylan for the demo and Georgie and Harry too.

And some pictures from today;