Six weeks ago due to pressure of work ( I am away many nights per week and playing catch-up when I am home) I resigned the position of webmaster for the Clumber Spaniel Club website as it was proving too difficult to keep up with the changes and additions required.

Since then I have noticed there have been no posts at all. Also in that time an attempt was made by someone to do something that corrupted the site and I spent an evening restoring the website to a working condition.

In view of this, and to be blunt how proud Pamela and I were of the website we have created (Pam does a huge amount!) I did not want to see this website degrade into what was here originally which was hard to navigate, poor content and rarely updated.

So, much to my wife’s horror I have agreed to take on the management of the website again (with Pam’s help).

It will take a while to get the results (and critiques posted – nothing since we posted the last ones!) so please be patient, but we will get there eventually, ditto the committee information and judging lists etc.

Of course if anybody is interested in managing the website – please let me know.

Finally, please note, I am having NOTHING to do with the CSC Facebook pages, that will continue to be managed by the Club Secretary & other committee members!

Peter Sheppard (ably supported by Pam Sheppard)
Your returning webmasters

Website Down Briefly

Many apologies – there was a brief technical hitch.

Now all resolved.


Webmaster Required – and Thank You!

This is just a note to let you know that for personal reasons I have relinquished control of the website (and the Clumber Spaniel Club Facebook Page) and passed all relevant information to the officers of the Clumber Spaniel Committee on 14th May for a new webmaster to take control.

It is obvious that no one has taken over yet as the results of the election for Chair has not been announced, neither have the results for Championship Shows been updated.

On a personal note, I am very pleased with the way this website has developed and grateful to Pamela Sheppard for all her help and support in its design and upkeep.

I hope the new incumbent can keep the website up to date with timely club information and show results as it can become a valuable resource for the future.

Best Regards

Peter Sheppard

Voting Paper for Chair of CSC Have Been Sent Out

The mailing for voting on the Nominations for Chairman have all been posted 2nd Class this weekend (Saturday 6 May 2018).
Overseas members will be getting their forms through e-mail (sent Saturday 6th May).
Note the responses are to go to an Independent Teller, NOT the secretary.
If you have not received your form to vote (or received an e-mail to vote) by Thursday 10th May, please contact the secretary

Rescue Coordinator – Contact Details Have Changed

Please note that due to the unfortunate incapacitation of our Rescue Cordinator, with immediate effect any issues regarding Clumber Spaniel Rescue should be addressed to:

Eunice King,

e-mail: secretary@clumberspanielclub.org.uk or

telephone 01246 476059

mobile 07719 701227