Surveys and Reports

The Club has four on going surveys; the first records lifespans of Clumbers and the second is a breeding survey. The latter is to gather information about whelping, puppies and missed matings, a back disease survey and a Cancer survey with the University of Nottingham, please contribute as much information as possible.

Current Surveys:

Lifespan Survey

Breeding Survey

Clumber Spaniel Back Disease (IVDD) Survey

University of Nottingham Cancer Survey

Past Surveys & Reports:

In 1985 the Clumber Spaniel Club engaged Malcolm Willis to investigate Hip Dysplasia in the breed and since then has carried out several health surveys. In 1991 Blower & Weston conducted an independent health survey and that is also included here courtesy of the authors.

2016            2015 Litter Analysis

2016            2014 Litter Analysis

2014            2014 Breed Health Survey Report

2013            Summary Report on Clumber Registrations 2000 to 2012

2013            Weight Survey Report

2013            2013 Report on Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase 1 Deficiency

2011            2011 Breeding Survey Report

2009            2009 Health Survey Report

2001            Health Survey Report

1992            1992 Malcolm Willis Report into HD

1991            1991 Health Survey Report

1991            1991 Blower & Weston Survey

1987            1987 Malcolm Willis Report into HD – The First 100

1985            1985 Malcolm Willis Report into HD