Renewal Reminder

Hi Everybody Just a little Reminder for you to send back your renewal Forms for your Subs to be Paid before February 1st 2024.send to John Newsham our treasurer his details on the renewal form.

Also we need your nominations for Committee, Judges back to me by February 1st 2024 

Also Year Book adverts to be with James our Editor Prices in your last mailings   by 31st January so we can have them printed and ready to be out for Crufts 

Also we taking Hotel Bookings for the Symposium in October more details out soon.

Club Open Show & AGM  07/04/24 @ Bearley Village Hall please look on Higham Press for Entry Forms & Closing Dates 

And now I am short of someone to do Sunday Afternoon at Discover Dogs please contact me 

Keep Warm Everyone 

Eunice Secretary CSC 

New Members and Renewal Forms

Membership of the Clumber Spaniel Club costs £12/single, £18 /joint or overseas and £5 juniors or gamekeepers.

(for those who are new/lapsed members)

Note – if you require a Proposer/Seconder, please contact the Secretary at (for those who are renewing their membership)

Membership applications and renewals should be forwarded to the Membership Co-ordinator:– Mr J Newsham, 61 Churchill Meadow, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2DQ

Membership Payment

It is now possible to make your membership payment by Paypal but please make sure that you set your payment type to ‘Family & Friends’.

If you do not do this we will be in touch to recover the charge that Paypal removes from your payment.

Send your payment to making sure you include your name and address.

Clumber Spaniel Club

(Founded 1904)

President: Mr Ian C Layfield

Chairman: Mr David K Boden

Honorary Treasurer  Mr John Newsham 

Hi Everyone

For those people who have contacted me for the RKC Breed lunch, after speaking to the RKC yesterday they have given us the April 3rd 2024 for the Clumber Spaniel Club lunch & Tour.

Would those people contact me if the date will be fine for you all & then I will be sending your names & Addresses & email to them only with your consent. 

I will fill you in on how  to pay when information as come back from you all 

Anyone in the breed can ring up to KC & book in on their own if you wish to but you will join us on the day.


Hope to hear from you all soon regarding RKC Lunch & Tour 

Kind Regards 

Eunice King 

Hon. Secretary