Clumber Spaniel Club 2019 Calendar Pictures Still Required

The Clumber Spaniel Club 2019 Calendar needs YOU or at least pictures of your dogs!

Any pose is accepted!  (The dog or you!)

Please send your pictures (as soon as possible) to the Secretary, Eunice

There is a £3 fee for any that are used.

Thank You


National Gundog Critiques Live

National Gundog Critiques are now live – http://www.clumberspanielclub.org.uk/?page_id=4334

Thank you to Sara for sending them through.

Stafford Pet Show

From Barbara & Rod Weston

More than 300 people visited the Clumber stand at the Pet Show at Stafford last weekend. Many had never seen the breed before and were impressed with how well our dogs behaved especially with young children who sat between them to have a photo taken. Others came because they were specifically interested and wanted to know more about the breed.
It was great to see Chester and his new owners who had contacted our rescue scheme after seeing us last year; and also Brian who brought his owners to meet us. Both are hoping to join a Clumber walk soon as they, like many Clumber owners, never get the chance to meet another Clumber owner.
Big thanks to Daisy and Louise Grant; Georgie and Maggie Loughran; and of course our own Bella and Chloe for their efforts.
Lastly best wishes to Charlie who was poorly and had to pull out at short notice. Rachel Barton please let us know how he is getting on.

WKC Critiques

WKC critiques are now live – http://www.clumberspanielclub.org.uk/?page_id=4363

Thank you Becky for sending them through so quickly

WKC Results

Full results for WKC now live – http://www.clumberspanielclub.org.uk/?page_id=4363