Please note that the 31st January 2018 is the closing date for nominations of Officers, Committee and Coordinators of the Clumber Spaniel Club to serve from the 1st April 2018 (date of the CSC AGM).

Nominations are required for:

– Chairman to serve for 2 years
– Vice Chairman to serve for 1 year
– Hon Secretary to serve for 3 years
– Field Secretary to serve for 1 year
– Breed Rescue Coordinator to serve for 3 years
– 4 Committee Members to serve for 2 years; and
– 1 Committee Member to serve for 1 year.

If you require any paperwork, please contact the CSC Secretary – Eunice

2017 Yearbook – Closing Date For Entries is Rapidly Approaching

A reminder that no further entries of Member Pages will be accepted for the 2017 Clumber Spaniel Club Yearbook after midnight on 5th January 2018.

Please get your pages sorted now!

Send entries to editor@clumberspanielclub.org.uk

Peter Sheppard, Yearbook Editor